John Wayne’s “Swan Song”

Os Cowboys (1972) de Mark Rydell

In the first few minutes of film when I hear Duke say what he thinks, I can clearly hear my great-grandmother.“Oh, dear… such small little white hands, no sun marks, no work marks, no calluses”. She tells this to me every time we get together. “It’s true grandma, I have no man’s hands yet“.

To counter the ideia that we’ll never be grown enough to secure what they leave, what she leaves to me, is rough and a seemingly unrealizable mission. But then there are these “things” that meet with us, and leave with a little hope.

This Wayne, who has no other solution but to invest in these kids and give them all the knowledge he has – without even realizing it – turn them into Men.

We, too, are capable of enormous things. We are ready – just invest some time and teach us to plow now – so that one day, in the future, we can be the best doing it.

Spend that time on and with us.

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