Monsieur André M.

Well, a little bit about me.

I was born in the hot September of 1990 in Beja. Grew up by the sea, in Algarve, but my greater love for the images and words of the films I used to watch as a kid, made me sail in destination to Lisbon. Finished my bachelor’s degree at Universidade Lusófona in Film, video multimedia communication in 2012 and worked initially with two of the most emblematic film festivals in the city, Monstra and IndieLisboa.

However, I think it was in Rosa Filmes, that I really learned what a movie really is about. There, I finished and released two feature films – “What’s New about Love?” and “This Side of the Resurrection“. Wrote and assembled others to come.

This affection for the essence of the narrative, and this idea that the image, may easily be a total synthesis of any matter – made me dive two years into the illustration world at the National Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon. By the end of 2018, I made an exhibition, Lixboa, with ten images inspired by my everyday walking through the limestone jungle.

Simultaneously, in partnership with Sardinha in Lata and Easylab, I wrote, produced and directed “Desempregato” – a cross-media animated series tinted with real image – that I’ve been preparing since 2012.

This enormous space journey through film, design, mixed-media and illustration has brought me to the point where I believe there’s a story to be told everywhere – through film, design, illustration, architecture, materials – and I believe I can help you take it a step further.

So what do I do?

Storytelling, production, film-making, audio and video capturing, post-production, illustration, design, and scriptwriting. 

Check out my latest works

Desempregato — Undercat

In a universe populated by a feline society, undercat, a young adult cat who is finishing his masters, recounts us his daily adventures. Cross-platform series created in partnership with ICA, Take it Easy and Sardinha em Lata.


When walking to work, I’d always meet these abandoned trash monsters. They’d always tell me some kind of beautiful fantasy. So I photographed them and try to translate what they’ve told me.